Again? Prometheus 2 Gets Another Title Change

Talk about a crisis of indentity – choosing the title of your next film is an important step in the movie making process, but it seems Ridley Scott is having somewhat of an issue when settling on a title for the upcoming sequel to Prometheus, and now we’re seeing yet another change.

People did tend to agree that the last choice of title for Prometheus 2 was ‘out there’ somewhat – I mean ‘Alien: Paradice Lost‘ is downright bizarre and makes absolutely no sense to most, perhaps that’s why Scott recently announced a change to the title, which now reads ‘Alien: Covenant‘. With the sequel set to begin shooting in February next year, the new title gives a hint to the direction the film will be taking, as ‘Covenant’ in simpler terms literally refers to ‘an agreement’, like one between humanity (us) and God, or in this case Gods.

Details for the plot are still sketchy, but there’s set to be a great deal of hidden meaning in the sequel that will answer a lot of lingering questions left by Prometheus three years ago – at least that’s what the new title would lead us to believe. One thing that’s already been confirmed is that Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender will be reprising their roles with Ridley Scott taking to then helm again.

Then again I could be completely wrong and the title could change a dozen times between now and when production begins next year – here’s hoping it doesn’t though as we’ll end up with a serious identity crisis when the film finally hits cinemas on May 30, 2017.

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