Who Uses Utah Escort Services?

Under Utah state law the escort services provided by any escort service near Provo are legitimate when they operate within and comply with state law. The state law is somewhat ambiguous in that it says the the girls may not have physical contact with their clients. It would be preposterous to presume that this would include contact such as merely holding hands. The state law in Utah recently upheld by the Utah State Supreme court requires escorts and escort services to be licenses in every city that they work in.

There are legitimate needs for these companies to exist and the number of companies providing services proves this fact. Because a young lady is employed in this business it does not mean that she is doing anything illicit.

There are any number of reasons a person might engage in the use of one of these services, such as a person from out of town wanting a date for a function, or being too shy to procure a date without assistance, or perhaps being an older person that would just like to enjoy the company of a younger attractive escort. To simply discard these reasons is to ignore the fact that these services provide a useful service for both the clients and for the girls employed by these services.

The legitimate purposes served by these escort services neap Provo should be protected by law enforcement just as they would protect any other business or organization that is operating legally. The escorts and escort services operating outside of the legal limits should be prosecuted just as any other person or entity breaking the law. But to ostracize the whole industry because of some ill advised perception that if one is criminal the whole group is criminal is just plain wrong. The girls that are employed in these businesses that are following the law have the same rights as any other citizens and deserve the same respect.


We Just Got Back from Las Vegas

I was not really doing too much and it was not going to cost me anything, so I packed a bag and got in the car with Jack, Mitch and Walt. The three of them have money, although they all got it from their folks aside from Walt who is a software genius. At any rate they wanted me to be the designated driver and I quickly realized that they had plans which involved a Las Vegas escort service. At first I did not want to get involved in that, but I was more interested when I saw the girl and of course it was not like I was paying for it. Of course things started to get a little wild after the night. The girl that Jack got involved with, she apparently had some of the same bad habits that he had been trying to get over. The two of them went on some sort of crazy drug fueled binge and both of them ended up in jail.

Fortunately for Jack they did not really get him on anything serious. Continue reading “We Just Got Back from Las Vegas”