Brand-new Star Wars Trailer Is Released In Japan

Just when you think J.J. Abrams can’t surprise us any more, he goes and releases a brand-new, exclusive trailer containing unseen footage of next months gargantuan release Star Wars: The Force Awakens – just a week after telling fans not to expect any other trailers I might add.

Never before seen Star Wars footage is like a drug to many fans around the world – so when a new trailer hit the Japanese market, the internet went into meltdown once again as people rushed to view the new trailer, and were left in a state of shock to watch yet more unseen footage. This time however I don’t think anyone seemed to surprised that the illusive Luke Skywalker was nowhere to be seen…again, as Abrams and Disney had made it perfectly clear that the Jedi hero would not be seen until the film’s release on December 17.

The new trailer did however pack a punch, delivering yet more action, dialogue and the first real introduction of the new droid we’ve seen so much of over the last couple of months – and did you notice something different about this yet, unnamed droid? Many fans seemed quick to highlight the droids feminine sounding voice that could spell a first for the Star Wars universe, as all droids up until now have been referred to as “he”.

Considering the randomness surrounding the release of Star Wars trailers, and the fact that we never seem to know when or if one may be released, we might yet see more unseen trailers hitting the airwaves between now and December 17, as Disney continue to ramp up the frenzied buzz that surrounds what’s sure to be the biggest cinematic release so far this century.

Check out the new trailer below: