Colin Firth Returning For Highly Anticipated Kingsman Sequel?

Kingsman: The Secret Service was no doubt one the biggest box-office hits of the last year, breathing new life into the spy-genre and making an unexpected action-star out of Academy Award-winning actor Colin Firth overnight.

Much to everyone’s dismay however…


…Colin Firth’s bad-ass character met an untimely demise towards the end of the film, leaving audiences wondering exactly how they could ever make a successful sequel without the superstar.

Alas, it appears hope is on the horizon for fans of the British spy franchise – Kingsman creator Mark Miller, the man behind the original comic, recently hinted that the resurrection of Firth’s character was their primary concern when penning the sequels script. Speaking to IGN, Miller spoke of the work going on behind the scenes with director Matthew Vaughn:

“That’s the conversation everyone’s having right now, because part of what made that movie work is Colin. Colin’s fantastic, it was a two-hander, that film. You also want to have the integrity of the story, so if you are bringing him back, it has to make sense. That’s where it is at the moment. Beats of the story have been done. Screenplay co-writers Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman are working on it at the moment. Some things have to be worked out, some decisions have still to be made and everything, so it’s all fairly amorphous, but all going well.”

Though the exact details of how Firth’s character will return are yet to be cemented, there are numerous options for the writers to play around with, and they promise that whatever is decided, it will make sense.