J.J. Abrams Is Hiding Skywalker From Us On Purpose

So, the potential whereabouts of a certain Luke Skywalker has become hot news since the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit the Internet a couple of months back, and became an obsession for some when the last trailer launched last week in the same day that tickets went on sale around the world.

But despite the myths and downright bizarre theories as to where the Jedi Master might be hiding, we are still none-the-wiser to why he’s been left out of all trailers and posters – it’s pretty curious to say the least. Is he in hiding? Perhaps he’s turned to the darkside of the force like his father? Dead perhaps? Who knows…

The man behind the new Disney squired franchise, Mr J.J. Abrams recently hinted that we won’t see Mark Hamill as the iconic Jedi Luke Skywalker until the film is released this December – this of course sent eager Star Wars fans into meltdown, wondering why the main hero is being left out, when his co-stars Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher have featured so prominently in the exclusive trailers.

Even though no-one but those close to the project can shed light on this mysterious omission, I think it’s most likely the character is in some sort of seclusion, much like Master Yoda in the original trilogy, though for what reasons will remain unknown until the films release.

One thing we can confirm is that Luke Skywalker is not the mysterious Sith we’ve all seen in the trailers and posters – that character is played by Kylo Ren, and as you can probably tell by the footage seen so far, is considerably younger than Mr Hamill – so let’s knock that theory on the head right here, right now.

As for Skywalker, we just need to accept me fact that we have to wait until December to find out and just enjoy the fact that even in this modern day weird, there are still something’s that cannot be leaked over the Internet. Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits cinemas and IMAX theatres worldwide on December 17.