Mark Ruffalo’s ‘Hulk’ Set To Join ‘Thor: Ragnarok

We all know how special the love/hate relationship between Thor and Hulk is – it’s one that’s captured the hearts of ‘Avengers’ fans the world over and left us asking the question, ‘when will Hulk get his own solo film?’.

Well the Gods seem to have heard because sources close to Marvel HQ have let-slip that Mark Ruffalo is set to team up with his ‘best bud’ Chris Hemsworth in the third solo film in the Thor series, aptly entitled Thor: Ragnarok.
It’s probably a good job that Thor will have a bit of help from is ‘temper prone’ fellow Avenger considering the colossal storyline that will take place.

Most of the fine details are still unknown but seeing as Marvel as staying true to the comic universe, Thor: Ragnarok will involve a Norse apocalypse – considering the end of the universe can be quite a pivotal subject matter for any film, it’s clear that Thor and Hulk will play a key role in Marvel’s ‘Phase 3’ story arch and could set up the potential and long awaited ‘Planet HULK’ storyline.

So here’s what we known so far… Mark Ruffalo’s HULK is in and playing a key role, Tom Hiddlestone is also back as Loki (obviously), and the film itself will play a crucial part in setting up the next phase of Marvels cunning and ingenious plan to take all our money (not exactly a bad thing I might add). We do however have have to wait another two years until we see this third installment, but fear not, Captain America and his epic Civil War against Iron Man (and pretty much the entire Avengers cast) will keep us well and truly entertained in the mean time.