Mega Music Maker

Mega Music Maker is a pro-level amazing beat maker created by Jamie Lewis, an artist and professional producer. He has spent years making beats and making money with his beats. He began to make beats while in college but has been making money with his beats since 2004. He actually has been using software that he made to make these beats and has released other software’s before.

With Mega Music Maker you can make professional beats very easily and quickly. It is designed to completely dominate the beat maker market and is loaded with heavy hitting features that blow the competition out of the water.

In Mega Music Maker members area, Jamie also goes into detail about how to make beats and how using the same software you can sell the beats you make for a quick profit. With the Mega Music Maker you not only have a sick beat machine, but you are also hooked up with other artist and producers who want to buy and sell beats. With an entire online community there are multiple opportunities to sell your beats. Plus you can use the software online or just on your computer.

The software itself is absolutely user friendly and anyone can easily create a beat with it. You don’t need to have any skills on music creation or beat creation. Samples, loops, and mixes that used to take days to chop together can be done in seconds using Mega Music Maker.

To have this software is like having a full featured, professional production studio right on your laptop or computer. With it you get everything in one place: Instant access to massive drum kits, synths, horns, sequencers, everything you need at the push of a button.

The great thing about the Mega Music Maker is that it also has video tutorials to help if you are stuck on something. You can truly use this software whether you are a natural beginner or seasoned pro. Most of the time you can be making awesome beats with this, rather than learning how to use the software like other beat making products out there in the market.

Mega Music Maker has a full 16-Track Sequencer that is shown in the control center or dashboard. You can use the Sequencer to create, tweak, and make your own phenomenally outstanding beats. It also comes with an amazing 10 Pad Drum Machine that offers you to create tons of different effects, slams, hits, ad-lips, voxes and tons more. You can actually also import your own amazing stereo/broadcast quality drums kits and different sounds.

Mega Music Maker has a 4 Octave Keyboard Set comes with a ton of sounds that allow you to drop melodies, samples, chords into your own beats or beats that you are going to create in the future. And also if you have your own sounds, those sounds can also be easily imported as well.

Mega Music Maker offers the absolute largest beat maker library in existence! Which means you will have a giant pool of high quality full rights sounds at your fingertips, ready for export to full 44.1 Studio Quality .wav format (the industry standard). Allowing you to create the same high quality tracks your favorite chart topping artists and producers are making.

The Mega Music Maker software also features a individual volume control for all 16 tracks to give you flexibility to master all your sounds You also get FREE updates for life to keep your beats fresh. And since you can export your beats to professional broadcast quality 44.1 stereo 32 bit .WAV format the quality will be professional and very easily ready to share and distribute.

With Mega Music Maker the combinations and possibilities of creating professional, studio quality beats are endless. You are given access to a full-featured system that will allow you to lay down chart topping bangers with no midi keyboard, no wires and no expensive equipment needed. Best of all, Mega Music Maker is the easiest, most intuitive beat maker on the market. You will be able to sit down and start cranking out custom beats in minutes.