Mobile Blog Money

Mobile Blog Money is a new mobile marketing software created by Chris Waldron. Mobile Blog Money basically creates mobile optimized affiliate sites that are able to convert better with mobile traffic. This software is really great because you don’t need to do much seo for such mobile optimized sites. The competition is less and Google ‘mobile’ search gives mobile optimized websites a great preference over others for thousand and thousands of keywords. That’s how you are going to make money with mobile blogs.

Inside Mobile Blog Money members area, you will get:

  1. The Builder
    Here you get all the mobile pages you need in any niche, and also learn how to harness this ‘traffic system’ to start profiting right away. Instead of telling you what to do to profit, this tool is just giving it to you.
  2. The Buyer Sniper
    With this tool you are going to see exactly how to get buyer traffic in any market. With over 5.2 billion cell phone users, obviously you can get a lot of traffic. But you must get the buyer traffic or you’ll never get ahead. This tool shows you exactly how.
  3. The Automator
    The goal of this tool is to get your first success fast. But more than that, this tool will also tell you exactly how to copy your success over and over.
  4. The Competition Rework
    In this section you are going to see why competition will not affect your profits and why it’s actually good thing. You will learn how to harness your competition and use it to profit even more and getting more traffic automatically.

In Mobile Blog Money you will also get adequate training to start up and how to optimize and drive traffic to your mobile blogs.