Perses Guide

Perses Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Guide is a complete step by step video guide to dominating the game not just on multiplayer but also giving gamers a complete walkthrough for the campaign as well.  It will show you how to dominate the single player campaign, co-op, and multiplayer.

Inside Perses Guide Package you’ll get:

1. Complete Beginners Guide

This guide will walk you through some skills that you can begin using right away to dominate. This will install the basics that you will use to become a pro fast.

  • Getting started in CODMW3!
  • Explanation of different game types and the real key to dominating…
  • Best place to start if you are new to CODMW 3…

2. Ultimate Multiplayer Guide

If you want to be supreme online then PERSES Guide can show you EXACTLY how it is done. Just follow through its simple video guides and pick up the skills you need to dominate online…

  • Complete strategies for all maps and game modes…
  • How to get crazy kill streaks…
  • How to get people to beg you to be in their squad…
  • The best weapon proficiencies unveiled and how to use them!
  • Master all strike chain modes and find your ultimate style of play!
  • Survival mode – How to get level cap in survival mode!

3. Full Color Maps With DOMINATOR Secrets

In CODMW3 you need to know your maps. It is as simple as that. With Perses guide you get a full overview of every map in the game so the enemy won’t know what’s hit them!

  • Get a huge tactical advantage on every map!
  • Ultimate kill zones revealed! Once you know these on each map you will dominate!
  • Complete locations of interest – vehicles, turrets and more…

4. Strike Chain & Class Guides

You need to know how to use the new Strike Chain & Classes in COD MW3 and Perses Guide will get you pro with all of them.

  • Find out how to rack up huge points with assault, support and specialist fast…
  • Complete strike chain guide and how to get the best rewards.
  • Customized weapon proficiency guide.
  • Strike chain strategies and tips so you will beat the competition every time.
  • How you can dominate with each class and get a ton of points without firing a shot…

5. Weapons Customization & Proficiencies Guide

You can up your game by knowing exactly which weapon to use and why…

  • Every weapon in the game full exposed with strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recommended class set ups so you always go into combat prepared.
  • Customize your weapons by following the guides and you will be streets ahead of other COD MW3 players!

6. Campaign Walkthrough For Both Single Player & Co-op

Want to beat the single player or Co-op on the hardest level? Just follow Perses video guides and unlock every achievement and ribbon with ease…

  • Complete campaign walkthrough for both co-op and single player.
  • Video guide shows you exactly where to go and how to get past difficult parts.
  • Completed on the hardest difficulty…

Is Perses Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Guide a Scam?

Before answering this question, I’d like to tell you that Perses Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Guide is sold via Payment Processor Clickbank and regulated under ClickBank’s Return Policy. It is stated at ClickBank site. You can test out Perses Guide at absolutely 100% without RISK. After buying this product and you are not fully satisfied with it, you are always welcome to issue a Without-Questions-Asked-Refund within sixty days from the buying date. There is no RISK in trying out Perses Guide.

So, is Perses Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Guide scam? Nope. It is NOT a scam. And their 100% Money Back Guarantee is a strong evidence shows that Perses Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Guide really works and NOT a scam!

Perses Guide – Ultimate COD MW3 Strategy Guide Released…

If you have picked up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and you are getting owned online then there may be some help for you… Perses guide has been released by CJ, and if you are not sure who this guy is then you may be familiar with the BF3 Dominator guide that was a complete guide for Battlefield 3 that was getting rave reviews!

Well now he has released a guide for COD MW3 and this one is called Perses Guide.
It gives you a complete guide and video walkthrough for both single player and multiplayer for the new Call of Duty. However what makes this guide the best is that the multiplayer section is awesome and all of the new maps are ripped apart as well as how you can use the Strike chains and the new weapon proficiencies to make sure you are dominating the game.

Of course you can piece together information online but if you are looking for a complete guide to the game and you want to get your points up quickly online then you need to check out this guide as it is in the next few weeks that gamers will want to try and dominate multiplayer!