Quito, the capital of Ecuador

Quito is truly a delightful city, where you can easily find transportation to go to any part of the city. It is certainly a beautiful place to visit during your vacation. This city offers numerous tourist attractions for all kind of visitors. Just outside the city you can find relaxing places like Tumbaco’s valley and Chillos. These stunning gorges are famous for offering their distinct natural beauty letting one experience a pure and pleasant environment.

The geographic location of Quito is 2,800 meters above sea level and this allows for a perfect climate year round. Daily temperatures high temperatures are generally around 70F. At night the temperature drops to around 55F, perfect sleeping weather. Heat and air conditioning are not needed in the perfect atmosphere. The city surrounded by mountains, and one can even view the highest snow capped mountains of the Andes such as Cotopaxi, Pichincha, Antisana, and Cayambe. UNESCO, in 1978 named this city the cultural patrimony of the humanity, because of its colonial architecture in the historic zone, which even now maintains the original Quitena culture. At the present time Quito is one of the cities that day to day keeps developing economically, culturally, and socially.

The arrival of the Spanish to Quito was in 1526. Even at that time the Spanish noticed that Quito was one of the most important cities lead by Atahualpa. He was a great Inca imperator who preferred to destroy the city before Spanish stole all their wealth. At the present time Incan ruins are not preserved. The present city was founded on December 6 of 1534 by Sebastian de Benalcazar who was one of the first Spanish to colonized the city.

Quito is comprised of two parts: The old city where it is typical to find houses made of mud, and houses with elaborate with ceiling decorations, and traditional red roof tiles. Additionally one can find historic churches rich in culture that are eye candy for tourists from every country. The other part of the city is North Quito. This area is quite modern, and is the heart of business, banks, companies, commercial centers, restaurants, and hotels. Furthermore one can find several parks in this area where the Quitenas’ families go to visit and take advantage of healthy relaxing environment.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Teleferico. This is an electric trail that goes from south to north and vice versa for just 0.50 cents. With this cheap transportation a visitor can appreciate and have the luxury to compare both parts of the city, old and modern.

Quito is a city that must be visited. Tourists are treated with great respect, and can safely enjoy the city. Most visitors come away with such a warm feeling as the hospitality is unmatched in most parts of the world.