Robert Rodriguez To Lock New Movie Away for ‘100 Years’

Most top filmmakers in Hollywood are not shy about pushing the boundaries of acceptability nowadays, especially in a film climate that leans heavily towards the big-budget blockbusters – but ‘Sin City‘ visionary Robert Rodriguez seems to going to extreme lengths with his latest film.

100 Years‘, a new short film starring John Malkovich, is set to make film history in some form or another when it is locked away for one hundred years to coincide with the intended release of Louis XIII Cognac, a luxury and prestigious brand that’s known for maturing its product for a century at a time.

Hollywood it’s certainly no stranger to product endorsements, with current James Bond release ‘SPECTRE‘ currently advertising over 50 different brands during its two and half hour running time – but this odd partnership has got to the most ambitious to date.

Rodriguez, known for action-thrillers such as From Dusk Till Dawn and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, will lock away the film in a time capsule volt for one hundred years, where it will then be released in conjunction with the next batch of Louis XIII Cognac, who’s current bottle has just hit shelves after being locked away since 1915.

It’s certainly bad news for any Robert Rodriguez or John Malkovich fans out there who will most likely never see the mysterious film – though your grandchildren certainly will one day, as the intended release is November 18, 2115.

For now all we can see of the project are three teaser trailers starring John Malkovic, and depicting three different versions of what the world may look like in ‘100 Years‘.

Who knows, maybe it will claim the Christmas top spot that year.

View the teases trailers below: