Arts and Crafts of Ecuador

The crafts of Ecuador are one of most admired in South America, where it combines the indigenous creativity and the ancestral inheritance. This art is a cultural manifestation of its indigenous roots as it is rich in culture and traditions.

The Ecuadorian craftsmen express their feelings with their hands in this crafts like: paintings, weaves, necklaces, clothes, etc. In Ecuador the crafts can be appreciated in all the regions of the country.

The materials used in the crafts vary according to the regional zone. For example in the North part of the country the craftsmen create elaborate products like coats, gloves, caps, scarf among others with tinctured wool of many colors. Otavalo is one of the most important places in this artisan field and is where the tourists can obtain crafts of different nature. Otavalo is known for its famous handicrafts market. Here you can find crafts like: colorful thread and wool weaves, jewelry made of stone, tagua, silver, and various types glassware. These craftsmen are very creative and anything is possible..

More to the South in Manabi Province the Toquilla straw is woven. Bleached strips of fiber from leaves of the Iraca palm are used to weave elaborate hats, international known as “Panama hats”. The hats are lightly woven and are comfortable to wear in ether hot tropical climate or summer. These Panama hats are exported to the Unites States, Panama, Europe and many other countries. In the city of Latacunga in the Cotopaxi Province mud and clay are the main elements used to create elaborate vases, pots and other similar products. In other regions of Ecuador, the animal leather is used to produce very high quality clothes at competitive prices. Goods like leather jackets, gloves, trousers and even leather hats that are attractive to internationals investors.

In Quito the capital we can find a major Artisan market named Mercado Artesanal La Mariscal which offers a broad selection of handicrafts. The tourists and locals can chose from colorful Indian textiles to wooden carved figures, from paintings to jewelry, from Panama hats to wood birds along with many other crafts. The biggest selection of Ecuadorian painting is located in the park El Ejido where artists gather together to have a big exposition. This is an outdoor market where you can find painting of varing styles.

Nowadays, Ecuadorian art is appreciated in many countries for its unique look and reasonable cost. The Ecuadorian crafts are a popular manifestation of natives indigenous roots and reflect feelings of this cultural rich country.