Ecuador music

Ecuadorian music is one of the most accepted in Hispanic countries. By its tradition and culture, this music takes very colloquial subjects in the Ecuadorian context.

Nowadays the next generations are creating new musical styles that are incorporating the lost tones of long ago. This lets the songs from the past that were ripe with emotions be felt by a new generation. Now the young people can experience their rich cultural past, but with a little bit of different tone.

In Ecuador one of the more popular styles is the Pasillo that is originated along the Ecuadorian coast. One famous example of this style is Julio Jaramillo known as the Ruiseñor of America. The Ecuadorian Pasillo still continues captivating people of all the ages. For sure the Pasillo will always be present in all the parties and all the houses that enjoy good Ecuadorian music.

Another popular style of music but, but has a more native tone is Sanjuanito. This tone is typical of the Ecuadorian mountainous area. Sanjuanito originated as a cultural expression of indigenous tribes in the Andes deserts. Its tone is happier, very danceable and very old. But this music is still very popular in house parties and street parties and occasionally this kind of songs are accompanied by traditional dancers.

Currently in Ecuador Rockola music gains more followers every day, by its content and social realism this music represents Ecuadorians life. It embodies ideas such as the treason of love, the migration of relatives to other countries, and other social contents that allow it to be easily identified by those who listen to them.

But as the generation of music advances and new tones come out in some cases musical groups retake old tones to connect them to modern tones. Groups like Cacería de Lagartos, Cruck en Karnak, La Grupa etc. have incorporated music of long ago to their productions, and have had a growing following in the country. Ecuadorian music every day is being accepted not just in Latin America but in other parts of the world.