How to replace an old mattress

While you can’t predict when or if a fire will occur in your home, you can prepare for it. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 270 deaths and 1,330 injuries will be prevented every year once this spring mattress flammability standard is in place.

The potential danger for a too old mattress

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 360 people die each year from spring and memory foam mattress fires. Considering that statistic, you might want to re-think your current sleeping arrangements and revisit your insurance policies. Fire safety is probably the furthest thing from your mind as you drift off to sleep each night.potential danger for a too old mattress

Recognized as a leading cause of death for children, mattress fires can be caused by a number of things, which is why it is necessary to take strict safety precautions.

The new spring mattresses will meet a strict performance regulation that will make them more resistant to fires started by open flames from matches, lighters, candles, etc.

It only takes a few minutes for flames to engulf a spring mattress, then destroys a room. While the mattress regulations will not eliminate fires, the new performance standards will buy consumers valuable time in the event of a fire.

How to move a spring mattress

Today, with comfort zones targeted at various positions along with the spring mattresses, this rotation is no longer suggested, and the handles which would often break when holding the weight of the entire mattress were removed.

Depending on the type of mattress you probably felt like you were moving a very large, awkward, limp noodle. This helps a great deal when negotiating corners, but does not help when moving in a straight line. Many modern spring mattresses lack internal structures to hold them rigid. Anyone who has had to move recently will remember how challenging it was to move the mattress.

Many stores that stock boxes and other packing material will have plastic bags large enough to enclose the mattress and mattress springs. It is very important when moving a mattress from one home to another to cover it somehow. Don’t rely on a sheet either. This is essential for keeping dirt and water from damaging the set. These bags may come complete with handles, or one can also use a very long piece of rope to create a handle. It is just like trussing up a turkey. Be sure to draw the rope all around the mattress and distribute the weight of the mattress as evenly as possible.

People who move regularly, such as young adults and military families, are well-advised to consider buying two smaller mattresses and putting them together to create a larger bed. Smaller mattresses and box spring clips are easier to move. The box spring, on the other hand, with its rigid structure was probably at its most difficult when it came to doorways and stairs. The very strong structure that supports your bed was keeping it from turning and moving perhaps even that one inch more.

A new homeowner wants to enjoy the whole home and not just the bedroom recovering from injury. Last but not least be sure to live with the legs when moving spring staples. When hoisted improperly, the mattress can really cause some damage.

Padding around the mattress springs is also recommended to keep the harder lower corners from putting little dents in the wall. There can never be enough padding on furniture while it moves in and out of the home. There most damage done to the wall and floors occurs because large heavy objects are dropped or swung around too fast. Some moving suppliers will have boxes specially designed for standard bed sizes. This can be a big help for keeping the mattress stable during transport. Caution and a good blanket for cushion can prevent a lot of heartaches later.