Manta Ecuador

Manta is a paradise in the Ecuadorian coast. Because of its beautiful beaches Manta is the place that tourists flock to so they can have a wonderful and peaceful vacation. The friendly people allow the tourists to enjoy their time and make it feel as this city like their own home. The city is also a commercial port so you can find a variety of products that come from different places of the world.

This city offers a great variety of typical foods of the region, where seafood is the main course in any restaurant in this city. Many excellent “mom and pop” restaurants offer a truly savory coastal meal For instance Ceviche which is a cold soup of shrimp or claims mixed together with onions and a little bit of lime makes this delicious dish a little different and testy. There many other dishes like Chupe de Pescado which is a hot fish chowder prepared with the catch of the day. All these exquisite dishes are offered at very economical prices. This makes it easy for the tourist to enjoy and come back again.

On Manta’s beaches, tourists with high adrenalin can practice surfing, as the waves roll in perfectly. The ware is temperate, and refreshing, not to hot and not to cold. Not all beaches offer the best surfing conditions, so check with the locals to see where they are breaking the best.

Some interesting tourist places around the city include:

– Museo del Banco Central a Museum which is located in downtown where you can find information about the culture of Manta and the history as well.

– Playa Murcielago, is a gorgeous beach made up of restaurants, craft’s markets, recreational areas, sports, bars and other places for the entertainment and relaxation. Near this beach the main banks are located, hotels and the commercial areas of the city.

– San Lorenzo is enjoyed by lovers of the water sports. Surfing and body boarding can be enjoyed on the occasionally high waves. Also you can observe whales from time to time.