Quito, the capital of Ecuador

Quito is truly a delightful city, where you can easily find transportation to go to any part of the city. It is certainly a beautiful place to visit during your vacation. This city offers numerous tourist attractions for all kind of visitors. Just outside the city you can find relaxing places like Tumbaco’s valley and Chillos. These stunning gorges are famous for offering their distinct natural beauty letting one experience a pure and pleasant environment.

The geographic location of Quito is 2,800 meters above sea level and this allows for a perfect climate year round. Daily temperatures high temperatures are generally around 70F. At night the temperature drops to around 55F, perfect sleeping weather. Heat and air conditioning are not needed in the perfect atmosphere. The city surrounded by mountains, and one can even view the highest snow capped mountains of the Andes such as Cotopaxi, Pichincha, Antisana, and Cayambe. UNESCO, in 1978 named this city the cultural patrimony of the humanity, because of its colonial architecture in the historic zone, which even now maintains the original Quitena culture. At the present time Quito is one of the cities that day to day keeps developing economically, culturally, and socially.

The arrival of the Spanish to Quito was in 1526. Even at that time the Spanish noticed that Quito was one of the most important cities lead by Atahualpa. He was a great Inca imperator who preferred to destroy the city before Spanish stole all their wealth. At the present time Incan ruins are not preserved. The present city was founded on December 6 of 1534 by Sebastian de Benalcazar who was one of the first Spanish to colonized the city.

Quito is comprised of two parts: The old city where it is typical to find houses made of mud, and houses with elaborate with ceiling decorations, and traditional red roof tiles. Additionally one can find historic churches rich in culture that are eye candy for tourists from every country. The other part of the city is North Quito. This area is quite modern, and is the heart of business, banks, companies, commercial centers, restaurants, and hotels. Furthermore one can find several parks in this area where the Quitenas’ families go to visit and take advantage of healthy relaxing environment.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Teleferico. This is an electric trail that goes from south to north and vice versa for just 0.50 cents. With this cheap transportation a visitor can appreciate and have the luxury to compare both parts of the city, old and modern.

Quito is a city that must be visited. Tourists are treated with great respect, and can safely enjoy the city. Most visitors come away with such a warm feeling as the hospitality is unmatched in most parts of the world.

Arts and Crafts of Ecuador

The crafts of Ecuador are one of most admired in South America, where it combines the indigenous creativity and the ancestral inheritance. This art is a cultural manifestation of its indigenous roots as it is rich in culture and traditions.

The Ecuadorian craftsmen express their feelings with their hands in this crafts like: paintings, weaves, necklaces, clothes, etc. In Ecuador the crafts can be appreciated in all the regions of the country.

The materials used in the crafts vary according to the regional zone. For example in the North part of the country the craftsmen create elaborate products like coats, gloves, caps, scarf among others with tinctured wool of many colors. Otavalo is one of the most important places in this artisan field and is where the tourists can obtain crafts of different nature. Otavalo is known for its famous handicrafts market. Here you can find crafts like: colorful thread and wool weaves, jewelry made of stone, tagua, silver, and various types glassware. These craftsmen are very creative and anything is possible..

More to the South in Manabi Province the Toquilla straw is woven. Bleached strips of fiber from leaves of the Iraca palm are used to weave elaborate hats, international known as “Panama hats”. The hats are lightly woven and are comfortable to wear in ether hot tropical climate or summer. These Panama hats are exported to the Unites States, Panama, Europe and many other countries. In the city of Latacunga in the Cotopaxi Province mud and clay are the main elements used to create elaborate vases, pots and other similar products. In other regions of Ecuador, the animal leather is used to produce very high quality clothes at competitive prices. Goods like leather jackets, gloves, trousers and even leather hats that are attractive to internationals investors.

In Quito the capital we can find a major Artisan market named Mercado Artesanal La Mariscal which offers a broad selection of handicrafts. The tourists and locals can chose from colorful Indian textiles to wooden carved figures, from paintings to jewelry, from Panama hats to wood birds along with many other crafts. The biggest selection of Ecuadorian painting is located in the park El Ejido where artists gather together to have a big exposition. This is an outdoor market where you can find painting of varing styles.

Nowadays, Ecuadorian art is appreciated in many countries for its unique look and reasonable cost. The Ecuadorian crafts are a popular manifestation of natives indigenous roots and reflect feelings of this cultural rich country.

Survive Food Crisis

Survive Food Crisis (The Ultimate Food Crisis Survival Guide) by Jason Richards contains actual answers and Real Solution to anybody who needs to stockpile healthy, nutritious food for not more than $10 a week. This kind of complete step-by-step program is designed to give you everything you need to survive the imminent food shortage with 3 full meals a day for your entire family…while staying safely from the desperate looters and chaotic mobs.

Also, it’s been designed from ground up to be light on the pocket (if you received $10 to spare money of your family, you’re perfect for this program! ).

When you get The Survive Food Crisis Guide, you’ll gain knowledge of:

  • The common mistake that could instantly leave your family with nothing to take in for week… and put your wellbeing in danger. Jason will teach you how to provide enough food for ones entire family with zero risk whatsoever…you’ll less than even know food crisis hit your town.
  • 16 items you absolutely want on you during a good short-term evacuation. All it takes is known as a medium-sized backpack and a lot of these small items and you’re covered for about 14 days.
  • What sort of slight change in your stockpiling strategy can mean 10 times more protection for one’s family against attacks and additionally injuries. This technique will continue looters away from your home, while you’ll be sitting on the giant goodie-bag everyone’s in need of.

But most of most, you’ll get a list with 41 crucial items that you really cannot survive without! These items vanish off shelves at the speed of light in case of disaster, so you’d better encourage them in advance if you’d like to make sure your friends and family is never hungry or malnourished… and if you need to sit in the comfort of your home instead of fighting with your neighbors during the last bag of wheat.

Inside this comprehensive guide you’ll furthermore discover:

  • How to implement your hidden skills to find all the food your family needs… if the foods shortage persists after you’ve accomplished your supplies.
  • What Not to eat or drink when you’re due to canned food and water in bottles. Some seemingly harmless foods can make your folks and you sick…but Jason will demonstrate exactly what to avert and protect your family’s health and wellness.
  • The highly nutritious grain that could disappear from supermarkets in just a couple years. Severe droughts will bring about this grain to double in price in just a couple of years…but now you’ll be able to still buy it by rock-bottom prices and retail store it for months (and perhaps years).
  • How to turn your bug out burden to a comfortable back-pack. I’ll show you how to make it so light, a good 10 year-old can carry it… and never leave out any very important item.
  • Many, a host of additional useful tips on reasonable stockpiling.

7 Reasons Food Shortages Gets a Global Crisis

Food inflation will be here and it’s here to keep. We can see it getting worse each and every time we buy groceries. Primary food commodities like whole wheat, corn, soybeans, and rice were skyrocketing since July, 2010 to be able to record highs. These sustained price increases are only expected to continue simply because food production shortfalls really start to take their toll the year of 2010 and beyond.

This summer Russia forbidden exports of wheat to confirm their nation’s supply, which often sparked complaints of protectionism. The U. S. agriculture community is talking about rationing corn over ethanol mandates compared to supply concerns. We’ve seen nothing yet when it comes to food protectionism.

Global food shortages have forced emergency meetings in the U. N. Food and Agriculture Provider where they claim “urgent action” ought. They point to extreme weather for the main contributing factor towards the growing food shortages. Still, commodity speculation has also been targeted among the culprits.

It seems that this crisis would also present the most perfect opportunity and the justification for those large GMO food suppliers to force their items into skeptical markets want in Europe and Asia, as recently leaked cables suggest. One thing is perfectly for sure; food shortages is likely to continue to get worse and finally become a full-scale intercontinental food crisis.

Here are seven reasons why food shortages are here to settle on a worldwide range:

  1. Extreme Weather:
    Extreme weather has become a major problem for worldwide food; from summer droughts together with heat waves that devastated Russia’s wheat crop to the ongoing catastrophes from ‘biblical flooding’ during Australia and Pakistan. That’s why doesn’t end there. An extreme winter frosty snap and snow has struck the full of Europe and the nation. Staple crops are failing in all these regions making an already fragile harvest in fact even more critical straight into 2011. Based on this recent past, extreme conditions are only likely to carry on and perhaps worsen within the coming years.
  2. Bee Colony Collapse:
    The Guardian reported this week relating to the USDA’s study on bee colony decline in the country: “The abundance of nearly four common species of bumblebee the united states has dropped by 96% in just the past few decades. ” It is normally understood that bees pollinate around 90% with the world’s commercial crops. Undoubtedly, if these numbers are remotely in close proximity to accurate, then our natural food supply is at serious trouble. Luckily for individuals, the GMO giants currently have seeds that don’t necessitate open pollination to endure fruit.
  3. Collapsing $:
    Commodity speculation has lead to massive food inflation that is definitely already creating crisis grades in poor regions on the earth. Food commodity prices own soared to record highs due to the fact they trade in your ever-weakening dollar. Traders will point to the circumstances described in this article to justify their gambles, but in addition that food represents a tangible investment on an era of worthless pieces of paper. Because the debt problems in north america are only getting uglier, and nations such mainly because China and Russia will be dropping the dollar for the reason that their trade vehicle, the dollar will still weaken, further driving many commodity prices higher.
  4. Regulatory Crackdown:
    Even before the FDA was given broad new powers to modify food in the recently available Food Safety Modernization Respond, small farms were currently being raided and regulated outside business. Now, the new food expenses essentially puts food safety inside of the direction of the Department of Homeland Security the spot where the food cartel uses the federal government to further consolidate their control throughout the industry. Militant police phase is taken against farmers suspected of falling shorter on quality regulations. It is the power to intimidate innocent small farmers away from business.
  5. Rising essential oil prices:
    In 2008, checklist oil prices that lead $147 per barrel drove food prices to brand-new highs. Rice tripled in 6 months during the surge of oil values, along with other cuisine commodities. The price about oil affects food about multiple levels; from plowing derricks, fertilizers and pesticides, so that you can harvesting and hauling. Thumb forward to 2011: many experts are guessing that oil may reach well over $150-$200 per barrel inside the months ahead. As petroleum closed out 2010 from its 2-year highs about $95/bbl, it is likely on pace in order to keep climbing. Again, a weakening dollar can even play its part on driving oil prices, and consequently, food prices to crisis levels.
  6. Increased Land Pollution:
    Geo-engineering has been going down on a grand scale in the states for decades now. Earlier known in conspiracy forums as ‘chemtrailing, ‘ the federal government has now admitted in order to these experiments claiming there’re plan “B” to fight global warming. The patents involved with this spraying are hefty in aluminum. This mass aluminum contamination is killing plants not to mention trees and making the soil sterile to most crops. In an fantastic coincidence, GMO companies have patented aluminum-resistant seeds in order to save the day.
  7. GMO The behemoths:
    Because of growing understanding the health affects involving GM foods, several lands have rejected planting these products.
    Therefore, they would appear to need a food crisis to always be seen as the deliverer in countries currently against their products. A leaked WikiLeaks cable confirms how the is indeed the strategy for GMO giants, where buy and sell secretaries reportedly “noted that commodity price hikes may spur greater liberalization with biotech imports. Since GMO giants already control high of the food supply, this indicates they can also easily manipulate prices to perform complete global control with food.

The equation is usually quite simple: food is a relatively inelastic commodity in the case of demand. In other terms, people need to eat regardless how bad the market gets. Thus, demand can be basically measured by how large the population. Therefore, as demand remains steady as the 7 supply pressures outlined above continue to worsen, food prices are going to have only one place to look — up, up, and up.

As international agencies scramble to seek out “solutions, ” their energy may be equally efficiently spent on questioning whenever this famine scenario will be purposely manipulated for profit margins. Regardless, the average person can be very wise to refill on food staples as being an investment, and frankly to help you survive the worsening foods crisis.

Como Aumentar Su Busto

Como Aumentar Su Busto Por Pilar Merlino es un libro electrónico que te muestra cómo hacer crecer el pecho de forma natural. This information no es SÓLO Importante …. Es Absolutamente y crítica y es la Manera Más Rápida y Segura párr Que cualquier mujer Que Quiera Que SUS pechos crezcan, llegue un Objetivo su, y also logre receptor experimentado los senos Más Firmes Que Nunca.

El verdadero secreto párrafo HACER SUS Que senos crezcan y sí Hagan Más Firmes, El es el control de Otras hormonas Que suprimen El estrógeno y El Crecimiento del Pecho.

Como Aumentar Su Busto ebook cubre:

  • Alimentos Hay Que Todos Los Que haran días SUS senos crezcan Como un Misil (al comerlos, Usted Nunca Tendra Que preocuparse de nuevo Por los pechos pequeños).
  • El gran masaje de senos Señales enviará una de las hormonas Crecimiento En Su Pecho (Haciendo Sencillo Este masaje de los antes acostarse, inmediatamente hara Que SUS senos esten llenos Más y redondos de la noche al estilo de Mañana).
  • La Verdad Sobre el estrógeno, y la Cantidad Que realmente NECESITA HACER CRECER consumir párrafo senos SUS.
  • Los 10 Alimentos Que reventarán El sujetador. Estós hijo los Alimentos Más eficaces párrafo HACER SUS Que crezcan los pechos Todos días.
  • Las recetas secretas del Crecimiento del Busto, Que le permitiran Realizar Platos Deliciosos, Que haran Que SUS pechos crezcan rápidamente. Estós le permitiran El Crecimiento Constante de Sus senos, Disfrutando de Platos Sabrosos Muy.
  • El “Súper Suplemento” Que ha demostrado Que Impulsa El Crecimiento del Pecho en las Adolescentes … y de como utilizarlo You can párrafo Su Propio beneficio!
  • Cómo hacer Su Propia crema de Crecimiento Para El Busto. No Cremas Compre caras de venta libre, ya Que no le brindarán ningun RESULTADO. En Su Lugar, utilice this Sencilla receta párrafo Hacer una de las Soluciones Más potentes Que jamas encontrará.
  • Los 5 Ejercicios Que Hacen Que SUS pechos sí Vean Más Grandes Al Instante. Cinco Ejercicios Que haran Que SUS pechos esten Más Firmes, Con tan solo UNOS minutos de Ejercicio Por Día, en la tranquilidad de Su Hogar, y Que realmente haran Que SUS senos sí Vean Más Grandes y Más prominentes.
  • La ropa de moda y los secretos párrafo HACER SUS Que senos sí Vean Más Grandes rápidamente.
  • La Super Rutina DE CRECIMIENTO Que ha ayudado un MAS de100 Mujeres Que una SUS senos crezcan de 1 a 2 copas, e incluso un 3 Más tallas.

Como Aumentar Su Busto – Beneficios del Aumento de Busto

Muchas mujeres están determinadas en aumentar el tamaño de sus senos, pero no están seguras sobre los beneficios que esto les traerá. Esta falta de información las detiene en tomar una decisión. Si tú fueras una de estas mujeres, entonces te reconfortará saber que hay muchas ventajas asociadas al aumento de senos.

Es recomendable que tomes tu tiempo para identificar el mejor método de aumento natural de senos, eligiendo el que te aporte mayores beneficios.

Más Confianza

Una de las ventajas principales de tener senos más grandes es el aumento en la confianza. Las mujeres notan instantáneamente que tiene más autoestima debido a su nueva apariencia física. Este nuevo nivel de confianza permite a las mujeres experimentar muchas cosas nuevas, como salir en más citas, tener un mayor nivel de intimidad, y tener también más oportunidades.

Muchas de las mujeres que buscan aumentarse los senos sienten que su apariencia actual las hace infelices. Estas damas notan que las mujeres con senos más abultados reciben mucha más atención.

Mejor apariencia física

Las mujeres con senos más rellenos tienen una mejor apariencia física; sus ropas les ajustan mucho mejor y están equipadas para vestir con prendas más sensuales, con escotes pronunciados. Pueden lucir bikinis sin sentirse compungidas o avergonzadas. Su guardarropa se ve mejor, y están más abiertas a escoger prendas más sexis.

Sensación de juventud

Senos más sustanciales dan la capacidad de sentirte en verdad joven nuevamente. Tus pechos estarán más suaves y tendrán menos arrugas. Muchas mujeres notan que las formas de su busto decaen con el tiempo o luego del embarazo. Senos más rellenos te quitarán 10 años de edad.

Cuerpo proporcionado

Algunas mujeres, de todas las edades, necesitan mayor tamaño de senos para tener una apariencia corporal general mejor balanceada y proporcionada. Tener un busto más grande que complemente el resto de la figura femenina permitirá a la mujer sentirse verdaderamente normal y más natural.

El más efectivo método de aumento de senos

Puede que muchas mujeres se dejen convencer por costosos tratamientos cosméticos quirúrgicos u otros procedimientos de aumento inadecuados, pero miles de mujeres (y son cada vez más) están volcándose hacia sistemas naturales para aumentar el tamaño de sus senos con seguridad y sin efectos secundarios.

Te recomiendo que visites el sitio web del sistema que está revolucionando el mundo de la belleza “Cómo Aumentar Su Busto”, con una combinación de técnicas que te aseguran resultados efectivos en el aumento de tus senos de manera natural.

¿Qué haría por ti un aumento de una talla o más?
¿Qué cambiaría en tu vida?

El mejor sistema natural para el aumento de senos es “Cómo Aumentar Su Busto”, y tú debes averiguar si es el correcto para ti.

Affiliate Marketing Triforce

Affiliate Marketing Triforce is an e-course created by Eleanor Ruse. It is a fresh a step-by-step online affiliate training program that offers tutorials, guides, one-on-one instruction and resources for one low price. This program teaches individuals who interested in making money as an affiliate marketer everything they need to set up and start their own profitable affiliate marketing business in 30 days.

With over 7 years of experience, Eleanor has been around the block a few times and she knows how hard it can be when you are starting out. She struggled for years and it took her about 4 years of learning and scrambling around for information before She made her first sale online.

Making your first sale is one of the biggest hurdles and once you’ve got over that, you are well on your way to success. Affiliate Marketing Triforce is designed with you in mind and its members forum is there to help you on your way to making a real income online. A few sales isn’t going to pay the bills so Eleanor has designed this membership site in order to provide you with all the tools you need (including step-by-step guides, video tutorials and direct support from her) to make a real living online.

Compare to other systems, Affiliate Marketing Triforce provides all the resources and information you need to know to start earning money online as an affiliate marketer. It has three method programs that will teach you how to start earning money with three of the most popular affiliate programs, including Google Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon.

The step-by-step instruction members receive is not outdated and is based on current trends, so members have the reassurance of knowing that they will learn everything they need to know about current techniques. More importantly, the information and step-by-step instruction is based on sound white hat practices that comply with Google, so affiliate marketers will have everything they need to survive on Google. Affiliate Marketing Triforce strives to teach affiliate marketers how to succeed on all the search engines and survive post-Google’s Panda update.

In addition to all the tools and resources, Affiliate Marketing Triforce members will also have direct access to an affiliate expert who is available to answer questions affiliate marketers have on a daily basis. Affiliate Marketing Triforce is perfect because it offers affiliate marketers everything they need to start earning money as a successful affiliate marketer online.

If your goal is to start earning money within 30 days, then you should join Affiliate Marketing Triforce. To begin taking charge of your future and make your financial dreams a reality, join Affiliate Marketing Triforce today. What is great about Affiliate Marketing Triforce is that absolutely anyone from any background can join and learn how to start generating affiliate income instantly.

Affiliate Marketing Triforce and How To Make Money Online

When you start your quest to make money online and begin surfing the Internet for ideas, you quickly find that you are overwhelmed with the enormous amount of information available. It’s hard to figure out where to start and what and whom to trust. Many folks give up early on because it is hard to figure out what program to try. Others buy products and programs that are supposed to help only to have them not work and they end up feeling scammed. Both situations lead many to wonder if there are actually any legit ways to make money online.

Now if you stick with it and dive deeper you’ll begin to notice trends around what appears to work for others out there and you’ll find some resources that you trust. There are legitimate ways to make money online and there are a lot of people making a nice income. For you to do the same, you need to be persistent and early on until you find your groove go with the programs that have been working for sometime now.

How To Make Money With Google AdSense

If you’ve done a lot of searching and a lot of reading online, then you’ve probably noticed that AdSense comes up quite often as a method of making money on the Internet. That is because thousands, if not more, of folks use it and trust it. Google is obviously a well known entity and isn’t going away anytime soon. And, making money with AdSense is one of the easiest routes to take to start earning online.

Basics of Working with AdSense

Here’s a quick overview for you to get started.

  • Register with Google and create an AdSense account – please be sure to read and follow all the rules so that you don’t get banned from using the program
  • You’ll need to list as list one website when you create an account – if you don’t have one or can’t afford one initially, then sign up with Blogger and create a free blog
  • Plug the HTML code you receive for your AdSense account into your website or blog
  • Market your site and drive traffic to it – traffic (visitors) is they key to making money with anything online
  • When visitors click on the AdSense Ads on your site you earn money

That may sound too simple; however, it really is almost that simple to be honest. We could talk about HTML or traffic generation and marketing and host of other things.

Affiliate Marketing Triforce by Eleanor Ruse is a membership site that will help you start making money online. It provides you all the tools you need, including step by step guides, video tutorials and direct support.

My Partner In Profit Franchise

My Partner In Profit Franchise (The MyPIP System) is a home business system created by Paul M. Birdsall who claimed that his system is the worlds #1 Online Franchise. The difference between online franchise and the conventional one is with this system you will no longer need personal selling, convincing, explaining, cold selling, selling to your friends or family. It’s also easy to learned and has minimum efforts thus less frustration.

By using My Partner In Profit Franchise (The MyPIP System) you will think like the franchisor (not like a franchisee) and your only job is to market this system to other potential franchisee. At the end you will generate profit from all customers who buy products from your franchisees stores.

More details, these are what My Partner In Profit Franchise (The MyPIP System) will do for you:

  • Takes care all the technical stuff needed to build your online franchise;
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  • Researches all marketing knowledge;
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Is My Partner In Profit Franchise (The MyPIP System) a Scam?

Before answering this question, I’d like to tell you that My Partner In Profit Franchise is sold via Payment Processor Clickbank and regulated under ClickBank’s Return Policy. It is stated at ClickBank site. You can test out The MyPIP System at absolutely 100% without RISK. After buying this product and you are not fully satisfied with it, or whatever reason you can think of, you are always welcome to issue a Without-Questions-Asked-Refund within sixty days from the buying date. There is no RISK in trying out The MyPIP System.

So, is My Profit In Franchise scam? Nope. It is NOT a scam. And their 100% Money Back Guarantee is a strong evidence shows that The MyPIP System really works and NOT a scam!

My Partner In Profit and Benefits of Franchise Ownership

Franchise opportunities can get you on the path to being self employed, but in a way that you’re not going it alone. Compared to starting a business from the very beginning alone, that’s a huge plus. Let’s have a look at some of the more obvious benefits of going into a franchise agreement, and why franchises are an appealing option for a great number of small business owner, and exactly why people feel that franchising is a great option to get individuals on the path to business ownership.

Franchising really offers a great deal of very valid benefits for those with a desire to enter the small business marketplace. If you’re thinking that franchising isn’t an option for you, perhaps consider the benefits before you decide. You might just be turning away your best bet for success.

Perhaps the key benefit in franchise is a proven business strategy. A franchise typically offers business owners a solid and already tested means of doing things- a plan, a strategy, that has already been working, already has the numbers to back it up and has shown to be successful. Most franchises have shown that they are perfectly able to show profit over and over. You’ll need to look into this to confirm whatever potential the franchise you are looking into really has, but most franchise companies make it because they have that ability to make sure that their franchisees can turn a profit.

Following that, though, name recognition is another important benefit in purchase of a franchise. Franchises usually afford business owners this already known name, and usually, with an independent business it may take years to get that kind of recognition, and even when they do- consumers may not see them as the lead dog in the pack. Franchises usually are able to give franchisees the benefit of already having an established, recognizable name with a good reputation behind it. It may not always be the case if the company is new to the area, however, being able to show that the franchise has a great reputation in other areas- testimonials and the like, that can also circumvent this. Many franchises have such quick growth that often, this is the case.

These are just the two obvious benefits to buying a franchise. You also may consider that most franchises have established supply lines, a built in support system that usually encompasses training and education, and existing policies that have helped their system run smoothly. More often than not, a franchise will offer on going innovative training for improvements to the system that they make, they will offer their existing franchisees options before they put them out to new franchisees. There are a number of reasons why someone would choose a franchise over an independently started up business, and really, having a look deeper into the franchise option for business ownership can help you to make a much more informed choice.

My Partner in Profit Franchise (The MyPIP System) is a new Online Franchise system that eliminates all conventional/offline franchise system setbacks. This system will help you to build your own franchise with ease.

Affiliate Cash Snipers

Affiliate Cash Snipers is a 3-in-1 software suite that makes it point-and-click simple to tap into the literally billions of dollars in sales that the top Internet retailers rake in every year. The key is breakthrough software technology that lets affiliates put the “shopping” features of the Internet’s largest retail companies right into the affiliate’s own web pages.

Imagine have a little shopping widget appear on your web page, just begging for visitors to click it and tell you exactly what they want to buy from massive companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target and many more.

The income potential is huge, but most affiliate are completely missing it, because old affiliate marketing techniques simply DON’T WORK WELL for this market.

Affiliate Cash Snipers solves that problem by making it easy to grab shoppers (the key) and send them straight to what they want to buy from the best known retailers on the Internet.

Those 3 software are:

Software #1: Affiliate Cash Sniper Software.

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Software #2: AdSpot Sniper Software.

This tool makes it drop-dead easy to know exactly where to put Snipers for maximum affiliate click-throughs and profits. It flat out tells you where to put your Snipers. It reveals the hottest locations on the best sites, meaning the most popular ones that get the most traffic and will send you the most targeted visitors. You’ll get a complete list of data for each site, including all the Alexa information, the Whois information, and so on. And even better, the software “weights” each page so a user can see what the best Sniper locations are at a glance.

Software #3: Best-Sellers Sniper Software.

This one is especially awesome, because it hands you hot research telling you exactly what the best affiliate niches and products are right now. In seconds, you’ll know the best selling products in any niche, hot new releases that are likely to make you a ton of profit, the products that are gaining popularity, and more. It’s like having a spy on your team telling you where the secret affiliate commission vault is…and giving you the password. That all-in-one solution can mean massive affiliate profits month after month for you. It simplifies everything.

Affiliate Cash Snipers is an affiliate marketing software that has never been seen before, in fact after using this software, you will never again build affiliate review sites.

Is Affiliate Cash Snipers a Scam?

Before answering this question, I’d like to tell you that Affiliate Cash Snipers is sold via Payment Processor Clickbank and regulated under ClickBank’s Return Policy. It is stated at ClickBank site. You can test out Affiliate Cash Snipers at absolutely 100% without RISK. After buying this product and you are not fully satisfied with it, you are always welcome to issue a Without-Questions-Asked-Refund within sixty days from the buying date. There is no RISK in trying out Affiliate Cash Snipers.

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About Affiliate Cash Snipers Creators: Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi

Michael Rasmussen
He is one of the world’s #1 super affiliates that started his career in 2001, writing a simple guide on “how to make money online”. From his early age, he was interested in computer and internet world that what made him buy his first bulletin board which was later hacked by someone else.

Michael has had realistic dreams about make money online so his urges helped him accomplish the goals he ever set in his life. Instead of entering in a convention tie and suit field and workplace he chose to become an internet marketer. Somehow he knew that the real cash was through selling money making guides and sharing honest strategies, tools, and techniques with the learners. He did not like to invest too much in eBooks or courses, rather he spent time learning marketing and cash tactics and put all data together in form of guide to help other duplicate the same success.

Mike Mograbi
He is known as the publisher of IM Newswatch, a news wire service wherein Internet marketers find some help on discovering what’s going on with gurus, IM events, and the best product launches.

Mike is also the author of many Internet marketing products that aim to help people use new Internet marketing technologies for achieving more success. Program Your Mind for Success in Record Time, and 378 Internet Marketing Predications are some of his products.

Plan B Profits

Plan B Profits is a new internet marketing tools created by Ronnie C & Winter Valko. It’s an automated marketing system that provides all the necessary tools for you to tap into viral marketing and video marketing. It’s so easy and simple. It doesn’t require hosting, installation, configuring, database and cpanel installation and no plugin needed.

The idea behind Plan B Profits system is about how to get huge free targeted traffic from facebook which is a 800 million traffic source and convert that traffic into your loyal customers very easily by using high quality landing pages that converts like crazy. This is viral marketing at its best to earn huge profits on permanent basis and the most important how to build your email list fast.

Inside Plan B Profits Member Area

Inside Plan B Profits system members area you will find several tabs such as: Home, Settings, Campaigns, VLO, Websites, Videos, Tools and Support section. Here’s the details:

In home section you will find introduction video. This video allows you to understand the Plan B Profits system and how to use it effectively to make residual income.

In this section you will have to provide your personnel information for signing up purpose.

Creating campaigns section allows you to instantly build high quality landing page for you with your affiliate links and autoresponders in it. It gives you the ability to promote different offers and products where you can earn a commission on. You have the choice to use from 10 high converting landing pages.

Viral List Optimizer (VLO)
You can attract more qualified visitors to your site by using the “VLO Button” by tapping into the 800 million users in Facebook. This button is a revolutionary & most powerful list-building tool ever created. It uses the Facebook connect technology to get higher conversion/optin rates and build a list of active, verified subscribers fast.

Every time a visitor press VLO button, his email and name will be stored legally in your autoresponder, and at the same time your website will also be posted on his/her facebook wall, so it will get exposed to his/her friends and the same cycle will repeat. It means every visitor have the potential to send thousands of visitors to your website.

This section shows you all of your active campaigns and the traffic statistics so you can track your efforts in the best possible way. The data can be exported to your computer so you can analyze it later.

This section contains high quality videos that are related to different niches. You can also use these videos on your sites or create your own videos (but the last option available for paltinum users only).

This section contains training material (FAQ section), electronic post cards (Use this tool to contact potential business associates and tell them about the business opportunity) and special offers & bonuses. They have also included some personal development courses to take you into the world of success.

Here you will find live support from 3 AM to 9 PM EST. However, the training video and FAQ section is enough to understand the system.

Plan B Profits is a good way to generate free traffic & build your email list fast using social media and earn massive money as an affiliate on regular basis. “The Money is in the List” and Plan B Profits is going to do the same for you.

Is Plan B Profits a Scam?

Before answering this question, I’d like to tell you that Plan B Profits is sold via Payment Processor Clickbank and regulated under ClickBank’s Return Policy. It is stated at ClickBank site. You can test out Plan B Profits at absolutely 100% without RISK. After buying this product and you are not fully satisfied with it, you are always welcome to issue a Without-Questions-Asked-Refund within sixty days from the buying date. There is no RISK in trying out Plan B Profits.

So, is Plan B Profits scam? Nope. It is NOT a scam. And their 100% Money Back Guarantee is a strong evidence shows that Plan B Profits really works and NOT a scam!

Modern Warfare 3 Domination

Modern Warfare 3 Domination (MW3Domination) is new Call of Duty MW3 Guide. This easy to follow guide consists of 3 eBooks and 3 accompanying videos that will give you everything that you need to conquer modern warfare three.

Here’s more details on what included on this guide:

1. Walk Through Guide that reveals how to…

  • Move your skill level up faster so you can dominate your opponents.
  • Know exactly what to do and when to do it so you can win modern warfare three.
  • Get access to all the intel locations you need to dominate play.
  • Discover how to maintain your lead over others for total domination.
  • Gain the tactical advantage that your opponents simply don’t possess so you can be victorious.

2. Weapons Guide that will help you do the following…

  • Make the right weapons choice at the right time in order to stay alive and move up the levels quickly.
  • You get to stay alive for longer by having the right weapon to hand to avoid getting spawned killed by your opponent.
  • Discover the right weapon combos that will turn you into highly efficient killing machine.

3. Maps Guide that will help you to…

  • Know the maps by heart so you can move quickly and easily through the terrain.
  • Know the secret traps that you want to avoid in the terrain so you can stay alive.
  • How to move though the terrain quickly and smoothly and avoid enemy detection.
  • The secret spots to hide out and kill your enemies before they even know you are there.
  • Knowledge of the terrain that your enemies do not have so you can snipe them before they know what hit them.

4. Multiplayer Guide where you will discover the following…

  • How to vastly improve your kill/death ratio.
  • How to dominate in multiplayer with my secret strategies.
  • How to kill quickly and efficiently with my underground multi player strategies.
  • The best way to put your team composition together to become a killing force to be reckoned with.
  • How to stop other people laughing at your multiplayer performance with the use of my powerful strategies.

Is Modern Warfare 3 Domination a Scam?

Before answering this question, I’d like to tell you that Modern Warfare 3 Domination is sold via Payment Processor Clickbank and regulated under ClickBank’s Return Policy. It is stated at ClickBank site. You can test out Modern Warfare 3 Domination at absolutely 100% without RISK. After buying this product and you are not fully satisfied with it, you are always welcome to issue a Without-Questions-Asked-Refund within sixty days from the buying date. There is no RISK in trying out Modern Warfare 3 Domination.

So, is Modern Warfare 3 Domination scam? Nope. It is NOT a scam. And their 100% Money Back Guarantee is a strong evidence shows that Modern Warfare 3 Domination really works and NOT a scam!

Modern Warfare 3 Domination Article

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a first person shooter game. Like its predecessor, the game is trying to market the Spec Ops Mode more willingly since they know that this was the least noticeable mode in Modern Warfare 2 which caused its downfall and criticisms.

As mentioned above, the upcoming sequel will feature a new survival mode that will feature from one and up to two players that will be fighting hordes of enemies with each wave getting harder as it progresses. The Modern Warfare sequel is expected to be known for its new and improved Spec Ops survival mode that features hardcore and intense action that every player can enjoy all day. In addition to the game, this new mode will provide its own progressive rank system that will be displayed on your Call of Duty card.

It seems that this game will sweep every gamer’s whims and is already slated for release on November 8, 2011. This game is made for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC consoles. The publisher for the game is Activision, and this video game was developed by Infinity Ward /Sledgehammer Games.

Call of Duty steps out as the top-selling first person shooter video game franchise in history which has sold almost 60 million units around the world. Modern Warfare 2 has received so many praises from their fans and with this sequel, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will take the franchise to even greater heights.

The campaign for Modern Warfare 3 will be a “sort of” continuation from its predecessor  where the Russian Army has increased its strategy in attacking the U.S. And the campaign mode now includes missions in England, France, Germany, Moscow, Dubai, Somalia and Sierra Leone.

When it is released, Infinity Ward assures that this game will offer the most advanced multiplayer game in the franchise to date with numerous brand new features and improvements. Modern Warfare 3 will provide an original pointstreak reward system, a new weapon-progression improvement system, new multiplayer modes with 16 maps included when the game is released.

It includes two co-op game modes, 40 weapons that you can drool upon, plus and enhanced game engine which runs at over 60 frames-per-second or fps. This game really sets an advanced level for first-person shooter game which will provide ground-breaking visuals as well as character animation.

Sledgehammer Games has announced that the game is the first entry in the Modern Warfare series to have built-in support for color-blind gamers. Modern Warfare 3 introduces new social and competitive features that deliver unprecedented innovation in the multiplayer experience, allowing gamers to connect and play better together.

Modern Warfare 3 game is incredibly addictive, well thought out and rewarding campaign and multiplayer modes that has earned as one of the best fps games ever made. So many fans of Modern Warfare 3 are so eager to get their hands on the game. A little time left before the big release and every fan will be busy finishing the campaign and multiplayer modes.

Perses Guide

Perses Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Guide is a complete step by step video guide to dominating the game not just on multiplayer but also giving gamers a complete walkthrough for the campaign as well.  It will show you how to dominate the single player campaign, co-op, and multiplayer.

Inside Perses Guide Package you’ll get:

1. Complete Beginners Guide

This guide will walk you through some skills that you can begin using right away to dominate. This will install the basics that you will use to become a pro fast.

  • Getting started in CODMW3!
  • Explanation of different game types and the real key to dominating…
  • Best place to start if you are new to CODMW 3…

2. Ultimate Multiplayer Guide

If you want to be supreme online then PERSES Guide can show you EXACTLY how it is done. Just follow through its simple video guides and pick up the skills you need to dominate online…

  • Complete strategies for all maps and game modes…
  • How to get crazy kill streaks…
  • How to get people to beg you to be in their squad…
  • The best weapon proficiencies unveiled and how to use them!
  • Master all strike chain modes and find your ultimate style of play!
  • Survival mode – How to get level cap in survival mode!

3. Full Color Maps With DOMINATOR Secrets

In CODMW3 you need to know your maps. It is as simple as that. With Perses guide you get a full overview of every map in the game so the enemy won’t know what’s hit them!

  • Get a huge tactical advantage on every map!
  • Ultimate kill zones revealed! Once you know these on each map you will dominate!
  • Complete locations of interest – vehicles, turrets and more…

4. Strike Chain & Class Guides

You need to know how to use the new Strike Chain & Classes in COD MW3 and Perses Guide will get you pro with all of them.

  • Find out how to rack up huge points with assault, support and specialist fast…
  • Complete strike chain guide and how to get the best rewards.
  • Customized weapon proficiency guide.
  • Strike chain strategies and tips so you will beat the competition every time.
  • How you can dominate with each class and get a ton of points without firing a shot…

5. Weapons Customization & Proficiencies Guide

You can up your game by knowing exactly which weapon to use and why…

  • Every weapon in the game full exposed with strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recommended class set ups so you always go into combat prepared.
  • Customize your weapons by following the guides and you will be streets ahead of other COD MW3 players!

6. Campaign Walkthrough For Both Single Player & Co-op

Want to beat the single player or Co-op on the hardest level? Just follow Perses video guides and unlock every achievement and ribbon with ease…

  • Complete campaign walkthrough for both co-op and single player.
  • Video guide shows you exactly where to go and how to get past difficult parts.
  • Completed on the hardest difficulty…

Is Perses Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Guide a Scam?

Before answering this question, I’d like to tell you that Perses Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Guide is sold via Payment Processor Clickbank and regulated under ClickBank’s Return Policy. It is stated at ClickBank site. You can test out Perses Guide at absolutely 100% without RISK. After buying this product and you are not fully satisfied with it, you are always welcome to issue a Without-Questions-Asked-Refund within sixty days from the buying date. There is no RISK in trying out Perses Guide.

So, is Perses Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Guide scam? Nope. It is NOT a scam. And their 100% Money Back Guarantee is a strong evidence shows that Perses Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Guide really works and NOT a scam!

Perses Guide – Ultimate COD MW3 Strategy Guide Released…

If you have picked up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and you are getting owned online then there may be some help for you… Perses guide has been released by CJ, and if you are not sure who this guy is then you may be familiar with the BF3 Dominator guide that was a complete guide for Battlefield 3 that was getting rave reviews!

Well now he has released a guide for COD MW3 and this one is called Perses Guide.
It gives you a complete guide and video walkthrough for both single player and multiplayer for the new Call of Duty. However what makes this guide the best is that the multiplayer section is awesome and all of the new maps are ripped apart as well as how you can use the Strike chains and the new weapon proficiencies to make sure you are dominating the game.

Of course you can piece together information online but if you are looking for a complete guide to the game and you want to get your points up quickly online then you need to check out this guide as it is in the next few weeks that gamers will want to try and dominate multiplayer!

Traffic In Spades

Traffic In Spades is professional website traffic service. You will be hiring a team of traffic experts (more than 15 peoples) and they do all the work required to drive an insane amount of traffic to your site(s). All you do is give them your domain and the keywords you’d like to target, then they do the rest.

Currently, there are 1500 clients who use this service and no longer have to worry about where their next click is coming from, and don’t have to learn the ins and outs of any kind of traffic generation software.

Inside Traffic In Spades member’s area you also will be able to join Travis coaching classes and training videos that will teach you how to pick the right niche, keyword and domain names to maximize what this service can do for you.

In a nut shell, Traffic in Spades service offers:

  • Unlimited Lifetime Traffic to THREE Sites
  • Your Choice of 3 Keyword for promotion
  • Tools for building a self sustaining Website
  • Tutorial on Making your membership FREE
  • Keyword research Software
  • Member Only Forum
  • Monthly Traffic Reports
  • Weekly Coaching Updates
  • Interview with Top Internet Marketers

About Traffic In Spades Creator (Travis Stephenson)

Travis Stephenson is a software programmer that has been on internet marketing. He’s not that so popular but he’s doing it with appealing on affiliating. He had produced some internet marketing product and many of product and courses succeed on ClickBank. He is also good on writing. He just recently written some informative article such as “Aerobic Styles”, How to Put Together a Trouble free Potato Cannon”, “Google Adsense Profits Mixed in With Internet Marketing”, “Three Thing you Need in order to Master Internet Marketing”, The Health Benefits of Aerobics”, “All about the IPad”, “Dog Training – Kind or Cruel”, Building the Perfect Potato Cannon”, “Leadership Qualities”, “Performing Animal Magic” and other articles with no précised niche topic. He started his career on online business as a bum writer. He also write on blog correspond on internet marketing.

Travis Stephenson had affiliated with Jamie Lewis. Their product called Income Entourage. It generates free targeted traffic to avoid technical difficulties. It composed of a step by step videos and live web seminar.

He is also doing affiliation with Mick Moore on their Micro Niche Profit Formula. By its name, the main purpose is to set formulate a micro niche in order to gain big profit just as simple as that.

Before creating Traffic In Spades, Travis Stephenson is affiliating with McCarty on their latest program called Instant Online Paycheck. It is a profit-pulling script that attracts free traffic online that promised to be a key on earning big money. It will teach the users how to create their opt-in mailing list since it was detailed program training. It’s also on an autopilot mode that suited on all type of marketer, even for starter.

Is Traffic In Spades a Scam?

Before answering this question, I’d like to tell you that Traffic In Spades is sold via Payment Processor Clickbank and regulated under ClickBank’s Return Policy. It is stated at ClickBank site. You can test out Traffic In Spades at absolutely 100% without RISK. After buying this product and you are not fully satisfied with it, you are always welcome to issue a Without-Questions-Asked-Refund within sixty days from the buying date. There is no RISK in trying out Traffic In Spades.

So, is Traffic In Spades scam? Nope. It is NOT a scam. And their 100% Money Back Guarantee is a strong evidence shows that Traffic In Spades really works and NOT a scam!

Done For You Traffic

Done For You Traffic System is a new internet marketing software created by Chris Moran. This software is a complete commission robotic system that works in a specific order to get you traffic and backlinks to improve your search engine rankings in 7 easy steps, i.e:

1. Website Set-Up:
You need to start here by entering the information of your site like domain name and hosting account info so the robots can take these information and start their work. Here you have 4 options:

  • If you have one WordPress website already builded
  • If you have a non-WordPress website
  • If you don`t have a website and want to build one
  • If you want to promote an affiliate link without building sites

All you need to do here is to pick one choice and enter the required data and the robots go.

2. Content Set-Up:
In this step you have to choose the category and subcategory of your website and 4 best keywords you want to target for this website so that the robots can use these info to create your content.

3. Network Set-Up:
In this step you have to enter the accounts data (your usernames and passwords) for a list of network sites ranging from video sites to documents sharing and article directory. This step and the next one are the 2 steps that will take some time but it’s a one-time job by entering the data. After you add these data, the robots will start to distribute the content to the sites you picked (the more sites you create accounts, the more traffic and backlinks you get).

4. Social Media Set-Up:
Here you enter the data of your social accounts to get more exposure of your content. After that, the robots will create videos and PDF and PPT documents based on the created content with your links included. You control the content posted by viewing it before publishing and editing what is needed to be edited. The videos and documents are created automatically and also distributed automatically to the network of sites you just added.

5. Video Distribution History:
Here you find links to the videos already created and posted to the video sites.

6. Document Distribution History:
The same like videos but for PDF and PPT documents.

7. My Account Profile:
This is a option if you need to change your username and password.

What you need to know is with the standard account ($47) you have the ability to do the above for only 1 URL (1 site) but there’s an option to upgrade for 10 URLs accounts (10 websites to promote) for ($197). I suggest you use the standard account then when you start to make money with this website, you can then upgrade to the 10 sites account to increase your profits.

In the members area you get a video and document walking you through the different steps of the system.

About Done For You Traffic Creator (Chris Moran)

Chris Moran is a seasoned internet marketer. He is an old warrior with his angle of business focusing on Traffic and Search Engine Marketing. He has the knack to pull highly targeted traffic on demand. His most famous product so far was Net Space Profits and Net Space Profits 2.0 that was for building websites, drive them to top of Google rankings then sell them for high profits.

Chris has crafted Done For You Traffic for people who want drive laser targeted traffic to their websites. His traffic generation techniques are unique and can enable any one having a website drive highly targeted traffic on demand.

Is Done For You Traffic a Scam?

Before answering this question, I’d like to tell you that Done For You Traffic is sold via Payment Processor Clickbank and regulated under ClickBank’s Return Policy. It is stated at ClickBank site. You can test out Done For You Traffic at absolutely 100% without RISK. After buying this product and you are not fully satisfied with it, you are always welcome to issue a Without-Questions-Asked-Refund within sixty days from the buying date. There is no RISK in trying out Done For You Traffic.

So, is Done For You Traffic scam? Nope. It is NOT a scam. And their 100% Money Back Guarantee is a strong evidence shows that Done For You Traffic really works and NOT a scam!

Welcome to Done For You Traffic review page. In this page I’ll write my review about this newly released product from doneforyoutraffic.com. So, if you are wondering what Done For You Traffic is all about, stay tuned. Coz, I’ll post my review here in the next few days. Meanwhile you will be redirected to Done For You Traffic website after leaving this page.