We Just Got Back from Las Vegas

I was not really doing too much and it was not going to cost me anything, so I packed a bag and got in the car with Jack, Mitch and Walt. The three of them have money, although they all got it from their folks aside from Walt who is a software genius. At any rate they wanted me to be the designated driver and I quickly realized that they had plans which involved a Las Vegas escort service. At first I did not want to get involved in that, but I was more interested when I saw the girl and of course it was not like I was paying for it. Of course things started to get a little wild after the night. The girl that Jack got involved with, she apparently had some of the same bad habits that he had been trying to get over. The two of them went on some sort of crazy drug fueled binge and both of them ended up in jail.

Fortunately for Jack they did not really get him on anything serious. The girl was the one holding the drugs when the cops busted in and she managed to flush them down the toilet of the hotel room. I was hardly surprised. There was a time when this sort of thing was just once a month with him. We all hoped that he was getting over it. Most of the time this stuff becomes really tiresome. At any rate Jack knows his way around this sort of situation and he was out of jail before noon. The lawyer he got is apparently connected here and it looks like he is going to have all of the charges reduced to almost nothing of substance. We were all tempted to act like we did not know him and go about our business.